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Out Top Most Satisfied Customers

Here is a list of out top satisfied costumes till date

Ines de la Fressange – Aging Gracefully With French Chic

She was the first model Chanel ever signed up to an exclusive contract, she’s the epitome of French chic and elegance, and she’s still absolutely gorgeous even at 59.  French model, designer, businesswoman and mother Ines de la Fressange firmly believes that aging well is all about your attitude.

Granted, she admits it isn’t always pretty when a few wrinkles appear and your tummy isn’t quite as flat as it once was. But the trade off is that you’ve reached an age when you feel good about yourself and you’re happy with your life.

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Her first skincare tip is that you don’t need to clutter your bathroom with dozens of beauty products. Rather, select the essentials, the ones that work for you and are quality products.

For Ines, the essential skincare products are a protective day cream she never leaves the house without putting this on, and a quality nail cream.

She stays out of the sun as much as possible; if she does go out in it, she wears sunscreen. And she makes sure she gets a lot of sleep.

Another skincare tip is to be sure to remove all makeup before going to bed. And when you wake up, smile. Smiling is great exercise for facial muscles and releases endorphins, which helps to reduce stress.

Makeup is kept to the basics some foundation, mascara, eye shadow and lip stick with a gloss coating. It’s quite similar to the Angelina Jolie Skin Care line.

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When it comes to exercise, the mother of 2 admits she doesn’t have time, or the desire, to indulge in regular exercise routines. But she does a lot of walking instead of driving, she uses stairs instead of elevators, she carries things and she enjoys skiing.

It’s all about moving and being active, and if you can do that without having to suffer in a gym, so much the better!

As for diet she doesn’t follow any particular style of eating or diet fad apart from eating healthy and balanced. Her biggest trick to keeping her trim body trim is to simply stop eating when she’s no longer hungry.

Website Designer Vancouver

At Oscillate, we combine digital craftsmanship with innovative thinking to deliver high-end user-first digital design solutions on a worldwide scale.

Oscillate made the commitment to break from the constraints of traditional graphic design services and give the marketplace a next-generation design studio osg777 .

The belief was that the digital age was providing us tools to develop captivating pieces of art for any medium. Art that could be turned into marketing solutions for any organisation, large or small.

We are welcoming, collaborative, and use our accumulated experience, design and technological expertise to produce significant and compelling content for all mediums.

We adopt new challenges with an open heart, a desire to learn, and an enthusiasm for solving problems as a team.

We don’t believe that one-size-fits-all so we don’t modify off-the-shelf solutions to fit our clients needs.

We’re an agency made up of people who are all exceptional at what they do and together we help our clients adapt, grow and thrive in the digital economy.

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